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Trained to fix anything and install only the best. Regardless of the age, brand, or type of your heating or cooling system – furnace or boiler, A/C or heat pump – we can fix, maintain, or replace it. And when you are ready to replace your equipment, we only install the best. Plus, we service and install humidifiers, air cleaners, duct work, water heaters, and much, much more.

Fan Coils


Our Infinity fan coil is an essential companion to an Infinity system outdoor unit when there’s no furnace inside to move the air.

MODELCategory PriceEfficiencySoundComfort Features
Infinity® Fan Coil FE4$$$ Best Best Best
Infinity® Fan Coil FE5$$$ Best Best Best


Our ultra-quiet Performance series promises efficiency, consistency, durability, and other words that end with “y.” Like comfy and cozy.

MODELCategory PriceEfficiencySoundComfort Features
Performance™ Fan Coil FV4$$ Better Better Best


Our Comfort series fan coils are an economical and durable counterpart to a Comfort air conditioner or heat pump when there’s no furnace indoors to move the air. They come with either multi- or fixed-speed blower motors to deliver cooling or heating comfort to your home for years to come.

MODELCategory PriceEfficiencySoundComfort Features
Comfort™Fan Coil FX4$ Better Good Better
Comfort™Fan Coil FB4C$ Good Good Better
Comfort™Fan Coil FY5$ Good Good Good
Comfort™Multi-familyHome Fan Coil FFM$ Good Good Good
Comfort™Multi-familyHome Fan Coil FF1$ Good Good Good

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